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Letting Go of the Reins: Learning about Scalability in the Context of one District-wide Implementation


"This paper describes results from collaboration between ETS researchers and facilitators from the Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP). The two organizations piloted a district-wide implementation of Keeping Learning on Track in one suburban district. The MSPGP acted as a third-party provider and took responsibility for planning the implementation, communicating with the district, and providing on-going guidance and support while ETS provided the content and expertise in assessment for learning. The district-wide implementation took place over two years and resulted in two distinct implementations. The first implementation, while unsuccessful in many respects, provided knowledge that was used to shape a second more successful model. Both of these implementations, as well as an evaluation of their strengths and weaknesses is described. The description provides a number of key insights for the development of a standard implementation of the Keeping Learning on Track program, in particular, the structure and communication necessary to successfully involve a third-party provider, and the support and advocacy required to address the struggles and challenges inherent in implementing a new professional development program."