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The Mathematics and Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP)


The Mathematics and Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP) had three major goals: 1) improving STEM Teacher Education in thirteen college and universities; 2) improving secondary mathematics and science, grades 6-12, in an "open loop" environment typical of sprawling, densely-populated greater metropolitan areas containing hundreds of school districts and dozens of institutions of higher education; and 3) conducting research into the effectiveness of the interventions of the first two goals. In an effort to build the required linkages that address issues such as bringing strong local successes to scale and preventing program erosion over time, the MSPGP broughttogether as core partners 46 school districts and 13 institutions of higher education in eight Pennsylvania and four New Jersey counties in the region outside of Philadelphia. The MSPGP model includes a "Core Connector" organizational structure that provides a way to facilitate and grow partnerships between grades 6-12 teachers and administrators and faculty from higher educational institutions. To assess the progress of mathematics and science programs and college/university preservice programs, the MSPGP uses five-stage "On the Road to Reform" rubrics and customizes project activities to each circumstance depending on where any particular partner is on the journey.